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All Aaron Rodgers ever wants is more: More money, more attention, more affirmation. (But he can’t seem to get more rings.) He’s a narcissist who shirks blame and points fingers. He's never happy.

Let’s say fiction turns to fact. Let’s say your dreams come true and Rodgers joins the Steelers. 

What if the Steelers stink, and Rodgers wants out after one year? Or retires? 

That could very easily happen. If it did, Green Bay wouldn’t have to give back all those draft picks. Caveat emptor. 

It’s all bull***t, anyway. There is no chance Rodgers comes to Pittsburgh. It hasn't been seriously discussed between the teams. All those scenarios are lies. 

Here’s what should be the Steelers’ off-season plan: 

*Sign free-agent quarterback Mitch Trubisky, most recently of Buffalo. 

*Sign free-agent center Ryan Jensen, most recently of Tampa Bay. 

*Draft defensive lineman Jordan Davis of Georgia with the 20th pick overall. 

Execution of that plan solves a lot of problems. But none of it figures to happen. 

Jensen will go to a team that guarantees money beyond the contract’s first year. (The Steelers don’t.)

Davis had a great combine and might have elevated himself above the 20th pick. 

That leaves Trubisky, who should want to come to Pittsburgh. He could start and re-establish his career. But his value inexplicably seems to be rising despite barely playing this past season. 

By the time the 2022 season begins, you’ll be shocked by how little has changed about the Steelers. 

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