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The Steelers are “rebuilding,” whether they use that term or not. They’re getting younger. They’re building a foundation that can improve. For more about that, click HERE

They’re also getting more like the Steelers we knew and loved. 

They signed two offensive linemen that are maulers. Linebacker Myles Jack is an ass-kicker. The Steelers got some battlers. 

Zach Banner, his chronic injuries, his radio show and his self-promotion got cut. TACKLE ELIGIBLE! 

JuJu Smith-Schuster might be gone, too, though he could limp back to Pittsburgh due to lack of offers. (Again.) Smith-Schuster is more brand than football player. He got out-pizza’d. 

The showbiz guys are leaving. 

The Steelers are signing football players. They’re signing Steelers. 

If the Steelers aren’t careful, I might yet again like them. 

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