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The sixth (and final) season of “Better Call Saul” premieres April 18 on AMC. The final episode of Season 5 aired April 20, 2020 – almost exactly two years ago. 

As good as “Better Call Saul” is, it’s tough to remember the storylines. 

I do recall that Lalo Salamanca seems mad.

I'm shocked that Kim Wexler isn’t yet dead or irreparably harmed in some way.

Mike Ehrmantraut is the best fixer ever. Ray Donovan can ***k off. 

I’m not worried about Jimmy McGill, a/k/a Saul Goodman.

Don’t forget, this is a prequel to “Breaking Bad.” We know Slippin' Jimmy survives. But how? And who doesn’t? 

It’s great TV. I can’t wait.

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