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Five WPIAL basketball teams lost in their respective state finals to teams from the Philadelphia Catholic League. The average margin of defeat was 20 points.

Now the coaches who got beat say that private schools should compete separately. Have their own league.

That's sour grapes because you lost.

Private schools have a definite advantage. They recruit. They don't observe geographic boundaries

It's unfair. But life isn't always fair.

WPIAL basketball teams compete in the Pennsylvania state high school tournament. Philadelphia Catholic League schools play high school basketball in the state of Pennsylvania.

So, what's the problem?

A lot of public schools recruit, too. They just hide it.

I respect teams like Mt. Lebanon football because they won the 6-A state championship with strictly Mt. Lebanon kids.

But that's the point. Mt. Lebanon won. Public schools can still win.

Crybaby coaches bitching about the unfair advantage that private schools have just want competition segregated to the point where they're favored.

Let public and private schools keep competing together. Don't dilute winning. Have one champion, not two.

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