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JuJu Smith-Schuster had shoulder surgery in mid-October. It made him miss Weeks 6-18 of the NFL season before his heroic return (gag) for the playoff slaughter at Kansas City. 

Smith-Schuster then became a free agent and signed with the Chiefs, inking a crappy one-year contract worth minuscule money: Only $2.49 million guaranteed. 

That’s the second straight off-season that’s seen Smith-Schuster sign a one-year deal. He’s on the road to becoming a journeyman. A fringe player. 

You’d think that might be a wake-up call. 

It’s not. 

Witness the TikTok majesty of Smith-Schuster taking bumps on a Slip ‘N Slide as part of what he terms the “Slip ‘N Slide combine.” 

You might reinjure that bum shoulder, but who cares? Fun comes first. 

Smith-Schuster is 25. He’s played five NFL seasons. He’s had one good one. He’s never won a playoff game. He fumbled away two playoff berths. His earnings are shrinking. 

Yet, Smith-Schuster insists on being an absolute child. A clown. A buffoon. A grown man tumbling on a Slip 'N Slide. He clearly has no intention of ever behaving professionally, or of making football his No. 1 priority. 

The Steelers are well rid of him. 

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