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On Monday, ESPN premiered an E60 documentary called “The Paterno Legacy.” 

I didn’t watch it. I already know what Joe Paterno’s legacy is. 

It’s the way the Penn State football coach's career and life ended. Clouded forever by his inaction regarding the Jerry Sandusky scandal. 

ESPN doesn’t get to define Paterno’s legacy. Nor does Paterno’s family. Nor do Paterno’s players, or Penn State football fans. 

A legacy is determined by what most people remember. 

When Paterno is mentioned, most people think of the Sandusky scandal. 

Is that fair? 

Maybe not. But it’s fact. 

You can reimagine. You can re-invent. You can stretch the truth. You can outright lie. 

But the Sandusky scandal is Paterno’s legacy. 

It’s organic. We already know. There’s no debate.

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