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Everything points to not picking a quarterback. 

The stock of Mr. Small Hands and Mr. Small School has dropped drastically. Nobody’s talking about either going to Carolina with the sixth pick anymore. 

Mitch Trubisky has more potential than both. He was the No. 2 pick overall in 2017. He’s 27. He’s started four seasons in the NFL. He’s made the playoffs twice. 

If the Steelers take a quarterback, how/when does he catch up to Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson in the AFC North’s pecking order? 

What if Trubisky plays well? Will the Steelers find themselves dealing with a discount version of Garoppolo/Lance in San Francisco, where Jimmy Garoppolo wins but there’s a perceived obligation to play Trey Lance, the high draft pick? 

Is building an elite defense a better path? Should the 20th pick be used for a defensive lineman? 

The bottom line: Mr. Small Hands and Mr. Small School just aren’t that good. 

So, the Steelers will definitely pick one. I’m betting on Liberty Biberty. 

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