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Tristan Jarry hasn’t participated in a full practice since breaking his foot. He’s skated. He’s faced some shots. He’s not yet ready to play. 

But the minute Jarry is cleared, he should play. 

Louis Domingue isn’t the hot goalie. He’s the third-string goalie. He's a better story than he is a goalie. 

Jarry is the starting goalie. He played in this year’s NHL All-Star event. His .919 save percentage ranked him sixth in the NHL this season. 

This is a no-brainer. But plenty of you apparently lack brains, because 23 percent of those responding to my Twitter poll say Jarry should not play immediately upon being cleared. 

Domingue isn’t performing poorly. He’s doing OK. 

But Domingue is battling the puck. He makes easy saves look hard. He’s allowed some bad goals. His goals-against average in these playoffs is 3.40, which is high. His save percentage of .906 isn’t great. 

Domingue, however, has the Penguins on the brink of eliminating the New York Rangers. He's winning. That counts most, ‘til he doesn’t. 

Jarry is better. 

But if Jarry is inserted and whenever it happens, it will eventually be seen as a bad decision by those brainless. 

The Penguins aren’t going to win the Stanley Cup. If Jarry is playing when they’re eliminated, dopes will see using him as an error: “Should have kept playing Domingue! He was HOT!” 

These are the same idiots who think the Steelers should have kept Duck Hodges. 

But don’t call Domingue the Duck of goaltenders. Domingue’s a lot better at his job than Duck was at his. 

New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins

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