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This is an odd tweet posted by former NHL defenseman Marc Methot: 

In the first sentence, Methot is referring to Crosby slashing him in 2017, a whack that cost Methot a chunk of his pinky finger. The injury was gruesome, but Crosby was not suspended or fined.

What do you use your pinky for, anyway? 

I didn’t know Methot tried to take Crosby’s eye ‘til I saw the photo posted in the tweet. Seems a half-hearted attempt. 

At any rate, a signed stick apparently heals all. 

Except maybe the severed finger. Crosby should autograph that. 

I’m not sure what message is sent here. 

It’s not “an eye for an eye.” 

Maybe it’s “an eye for a finger.” 

Maybe it’s “an autographed stick for a finger.”

If Methot still needs a finger, I've got just the finger for him.

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