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Tiger Woods shot +9 in the third round of the PGA Championship Saturday, then withdrew and did not play in Sunday’s final round. 

OW, MY BACK! Or leg, or whatever. 

Woods is arguably the best golfer ever, or No. 2 behind Jack Nicklaus. (I personally rank John Daly No. 1 all-time, maybe because he reminds me of me.) 

If Woods wants to keep playing at this torturous level, he’s got every right. He’s Willie Mays with the New York Mets, or Michael Jordan with the Washington Wizards. 

But Saturday was tough to watch. There was nothing to feel good about. 

My request is: If Woods wants to play and he sucks, like he did Saturday, don’t feature Woods on TV coverage. Don’t lead with him on every update.

It’s sad, and unfair to the golfers who play well. Treat Woods like an also-ran. 

Woods withdrawing after three rounds was a best-case scenario for the PGA Championship. Sunday’s coverage got devoted to a dramatic final round and playoff, not a guy limping.

Justin Thomas won. Woods finished 17 strokes behind Thomas. That’s without Woods playing the final round. 

Golf is sports, kind of. Not “Entertainment Tonight.”

PGA Championship - Round 3

Photo: Getty Images North America

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