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Here is the trailer for Season 5 of “Cobra Kai,” which premieres on Netflix Sept. 9. 

I’ve got to call bull***t right out of the gate. 

When Cobra Kai won the All Valley Karate tournament team competition at the conclusion of Season 4, Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang were obligated to disband permanently as per the agreed-upon stipulation. Cobra Kai won fair and square. 

But, in the Season 5 trailer shown below, it appears Daniel LaRusso will continue his involvement with karate using Chozen as a front. 

That violates the stip. LaRusso must be out, period. Johnny Lawrence, too. 

Terry Silver is the only honorable man in “Cobra Kai.” He should be left alone to spread his dream of Cobra Kai dojos across the valley. 

Instead, Silver has to keep dealing with this parasite LaRusso, that turncoat Lawrence and now Chozen, who seems unhinged. It sickens me.

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