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Minkah Fitzpatrick wants a contract extension that makes him football’s highest-paid safety. (Seattle’s Jamal Adams earns an average annual value of $17.5 million.) 

Fitzpatrick is headed into the last season of his current contract. 

If he doesn’t ink a new deal prior, Fitzpatrick will likely “hold in” during training camp: Be physically present. Attend meetings. Don’t do much on the field. 

It’s what T.J. Watt did last year when he was in the same situation. 

There’s one snag: WR Diontae Johnson thinks that he, too, is in the same situation. He’s going into his contract’s last year and wants big coin: Reportedly $90m over five years. 

But Johnson isn’t as valuable as Fitzpatrick. Not as good. He isn't to be indulged.

But if the Steelers let Fitzpatrick “hold in,” how can they deny Johnson? 

The Steelers need to get Fitzpatrick’s deal done before training camp, then tell Johnson that Watt was an exception to the rule, so get on the field. 

Letting Watt “hold in” set a bad precedent. It needs to be a one-time thing. You have a contract. Get to work.

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