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JuJu Smith-Schuster keeps saying good-bye, but doesn’t leave. 

Here’s hoping the party Smith-Schuster threw for himself Sunday is the final farewell. 

Smith-Schuster charged admission, BTW. Proceeds went to charity, but…he charged admission. You had to pay to bid adieu. (Is the JuJu Foundation anything like The Human Fund?)

The local stooge media covered Smith-Schuster’s shindig like a news event. 

But only one of Smith-Schuster’s Steelers teammate stopped by, namely Tyson Alualu. Where was the love? (Draw your own conclusions.) 

All that said, I’m going to miss Smith-Schuster. 

He’s the gift that never stopped giving. 

Like when he said Sunday, “I was just blessed to be part of this dynasty.” 

That “dynasty” won zero playoff games during Smith-Schuster's tenure. That doesn't exactly connect him to Mean Joe Greene.

Smith-Schuster also said, “I could see myself back here.” 

Yes, but could the Steelers? (Nope.) 

Bye-bye, JuJu. Never have so many cared so much about somebody who did so little. 

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