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…without telling me you’re broke. 

NFL free-agent running backs Adrian Peterson and Le’Veon Bell (formerly of this parish) are scheduled to box July 30 in Los Angeles. 

I will absolutely watch that fight. (OK, not really.)

Peterson has fathered six children, Bell seven. 

This could be the first boxing match where somebody gets pregnant. Forget mouthguards. Peterson and Bell ought to wear condoms. They should punch each other in the testicles. Maybe the SCOTUS would approve that method of birth control. 

Celebrity boxing can be lucrative. Social media influencer Jake Paul earned $40 million for fighting three times in 2021.

Paul’s brother Logan, who is also famous for being famous, fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. a year ago. But Mayweather has yet to pay him. 

You don’t have to be a career boxer to have a career boxing. 

Peterson has made $103 million from football, Bell $45 million.

But they’re not fighting each other just for fun. This will provide good content for an ESPN 30 for 30: "Broke 2."

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