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When Minnesota re-upped Marc-Andre Fleury, Cam Talbot’s agent wasn’t happy. Talbot was the Wild’s other goaltender this past season. 

“Billy’s got a lot to think about.” That’s what the agent, George Bazos, said. 

“Billy” is ex-Penguin Bill Guerin, now the Wild’s GM. 

Guerin responded thusly: “I don’t have ***t to do. Cam Talbot’s under contract. George can say whatever the hell he wants. My team’s set right now, and that’s the way it goes.” 

Except Guerin’s team wasn’t set. He did have ***t to do. 

On Tuesday, Guerin traded Talbot to Ottawa. Not exactly a premier destination, though the Senators appear to be slightly on the rise. 

Fleury is Minnesota’s starter, as he should be. Drama avoided. Agent and career mid goalie put in their places. (Ottawa will be Talbot’s sixth team. His career record in playoff games is 15-16. Fleury’s resume is a bit better.)

Bill Guerin should be every team’s GM. Bravo. That’s how you deal with ***t. 

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