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Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game drew 7.63 million viewers on TV. That’s a record low. 

Don’t have it anymore. Don’t have any all-star games anymore. 

MLB’s lost its luster due to interleague play and rampant player movement via free agency. Unique matchups got eliminated. It’s more of the same, only meaningless. 

The NHL’s and NFL’s stink because they’re nowhere close to a legit game. There's no hitting, first and foremost. 

The NHL’s current 3-on-3 format is OK as a stopgap. But it will run its course and perhaps already has, just like the home-run derby and dunk contest. 

The NBA’s has the most potential to be good. Basketball translates easily to a pseudo-pickup format. Playground style is entertaining. But the NBA All-Star Game is wholly uncompetitive, like the rest, and nobody plays defense. 

TV saturation by all sports gives ample opportunity to see every star athlete. All-star games aren’t needed for that. 

Nobody much benefits from an all-star game except the host city. Beyond that, there’s no compelling argument to have them. 

So don’t.

Eliminating the all-star break would shrink MLB's season by three days. That's benefit gained.

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