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Here’s Saturday’s QB analysis in a nutshell: 

*Mitch Trubisky played the best. He was out there with a lot of starters and against a lot of starters. It was live ammunition, and Trubisky scored on his first drive. 

*Mason Rudolph made the best throw of the night, the touchdown pass to George Pickens in the corner of the end zone. Great pass, great catch, great toe-tap. 

*Kenny Pickett looked good making plays on the move but threw mostly short. He was out there with scrubs and against scrubs. But he did very well. Solid debut.

The depth chart before the game:

1. Trubisky. 2. Rudolph. 3. Pickett. 

The depth chart after the game:

1. Trubisky. 2. Rudolph. 3. Pickett. 

No point in rushing Pickett. Certainly not because you think so.

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Seattle Seahawks v Pittsburgh Steelers

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