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Steelers senior defensive assistant/linebackers coach Brian Flores has got high praise since being hired during the off-season. 

Where Flores fits into the defensive hierarchy alongside coordinator Teryl Austin and head coach Mike Tomlin isn’t clear, probably not even to him. 

Who has final say? Don’t know. 

Who has any say? Don’t know. 

Who gets praised? Tomlin. 

Who gets blamed? Not Tomlin. 

But if Flores is, indeed, making a difference, why isn’t Devin Bush playing better, or at least more motivated? 

Flores is Bush’s position coach. The Steelers need Bush to revisit the effectiveness of his rookie season, 2019, when he made 109 tackles. 

But Bush blew out his knee in 2020, stunk last year and stinks currently. He looks distracted and disgruntled.

Getting Bush back on stride should be Flores’ main priority. So far, so bad. 

But maybe it’s not Flores’ fault. You can’t polish excrement. You can't teach desire.

To read more about Bush’s sub-mediocrity and the negative effect it has on the Steelers defense, click HERE.

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