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The Steelers’ offensive line will ruin their season. That O-line is so rotten, it gives the Steelers zero chance. 

Some blame coaching, particularly the “Mike Munchak is God” brigade. Munchak was the Steelers' offensive line coach from 2014-18.

The Steelers have had four different offensive line coaches dating back through 2019: Shaun Sarrett in 2019 and ’20. Adrian Klemm last year. Chris Morgan after Klemm left before the season ended. Pat Meyer has the job now. (May God have mercy on his soul.) 

That’s not exactly a "who’s who" of coaching. 

A revolving door with a job like that leads to too much un-teaching and re-teaching. It doesn’t help. 

But even the inflated, exaggerated reputation of Munchak couldn’t make much out of the Steelers’ current O-line. 

You can’t shine excrement. 

To read more about the disaster that is the Steelers’ offensive line and sins committed en route to its assembly, click HERE

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