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All the Kenny Pickett marks who want to remove any obstacles real or perceived from the golden boy’s path to the starting job want the Steelers to trade Mason Rudolph for a fifth- or sixth-round draft pick. 

That would be a mistake. 

Consider 2019. The Steelers dealt QB Josh Dobbs to Jacksonville just before season’s start. 

Ben Roethlisberger’s elbow exploded in the campaign’s second game. Rudolph took over but got hurt. Duck Hodges, an undrafted small-college bum, had to start six games. He did OK, going 3-3 and moving lots of cheesy merchandise. 

But the Steelers missed the playoffs by one game. If they keep Dobbs, maybe they win one more game and the Steelers make the post-season. 

Then again, the best thing would have been to go 3-13 and draft Justin Herbert. 

If the Steelers feel they can be a playoff team, they’re wrong. But, if that's their belief, keep Rudolph. 

That offensive line is bad. Quarterbacks are going to get hurt. The Steelers will need all hands on deck in that QB room. 

There never was a legit quarterback competition. But if there had been, Mitch Trubisky won it. To read more, click HERE.

Detroit Lions v Pittsburgh Steelers

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