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Rumor has it that Tom Brady and Gisele are on the rocks. That the latter has left the Brady compound. (Has anyone had a compound since the Kennedys?) Their problems were apparently behind Brady’s 11-day absence from Tampa Bay’s training camp. 

Brady still playing football is reportedly the root of the problem. Brady quit for 40 days, then came back. That made Gisele mad. 

Brady said he retired to focus on family, so returning for another season is a clear repudiation of that notion. 

Gisele is 100 percent right to be mad. Not just because she’s hot and worth $400 million, though those are certainly compelling arguments. 

Gisele is 100 percent right because Brady is 45. He’s played 22 years. He’s won seven Super Bowls. He’s made $333 million from football. He’s known as the greatest quarterback ever. 

That’s enough. 

Brady has done enough, and got enough. He doesn’t have to provide for his kids. Or their kids. Or his kids’ kids’ kids. They’re all covered. 

It’s not like Brady is 25 and still has something to prove. Or even 35. He’s 45. 

“Family first” is one of those American doctrines that gets preached but is steeped in horse manure. The national divorce rate is 44 percent. Lots of people put something else first. 

Brady is. There is no need for him to keep playing. It’s time to not be selfish. 

You know who could play quarterback for Tampa Bay if Brady quit? Somebody else. 

The team won’t fold if Brady quits. The NFL will keep operating.


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