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Mark Kaboly of The Athletic tweeted some interesting stats re: Mitch Trubisky’s Steelers debut at Cincinnati: 

  • Trubisky threw 38 times. Half those passes traveled less than five yards.
  • Nine passes were thrown to or behind the line of scrimmage. 
  • Seven throws went 20 yards or further. Two were completed.
  • Three passes went 30 yards or further. All were overthrown. 

An offense can’t be much more conservative.

That’s more conservative than the offense Ben Roethlisberger executed last season.

That’s the Rudolph/Duck offense from 2019. 

Those clamoring for Kenny Pickett to play shouldn’t want him to be part of this popgun garbage. If Pickett gets dumbed down, it might be difficult to smarten him back up. 

The Steelers’ offense has got to open it up. As in, now. As in, Sunday at home vs. New England. 

A scared offensive game plan won’t win in today’s NFL. That’s not how the league is. You can’t try to win 14-10. (That might occasionally happen organically.)

The Steelers got a quick lead at Cincinnati. Perhaps that turned their game plan even safer. But the defense won’t get a pick-six every game. 

The Steelers got extremely lucky at Cincinnati, too. That won’t happen every game, either. 

The Steelers offense at Cincinnati was boring. I bet George Pickens thought so.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals

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