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Football writer Jason LaCanfora reports that edge rusher T.J. Watt could be back as soon as Week 6 when the Steelers host Tampa Bay and Tom Brady’s divorce lawyer. 

Some questions need to be asked: 

*Will Watt be able to play at anywhere near his full capability? 

*If the Steelers are 1-4 at that point, what’s gained by Watt coming back to play hurt in a season that’s all but lost? 

*Would it be better for Watt to not play, get surgery to fully repair his torn pec and be at 100 percent for 2023? 

Those are rhetorical questions. 

Watt’s a competitor. He’s going to play. The Steelers will let him. 

Maybe the Steelers shouldn’t. 

With the Steelers, it’s always about the next game. If winning their season finale meant losing the first draft pick overall, they would still go all out to win. 

Foolishly so. 

At long last, it’s time for big-picture thinking. 

Detroit Lions v Pittsburgh Steelers

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