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Las Vegas WR Davante Adams has been charged with misdemeanor assault because he pushed a freelance photographer to the ground while leaving the field after the Raiders lost at Kansas City this past Monday night. 

The photographer cut off Adams’ path. Malice looked minimal, even non-existent. 

But Adams has been charged. There’s talk of the NFL fining and/or suspending Adams. 

What’s next? Will the “victim” give interviews while wearing a neck brace? A lawsuit seems inevitable. 

What happened was no big deal, let alone a crime. 

If Adams shoved Tom Brady to the ground, he might get the death penalty. (But Adams could wallop Kenny Pickett with an ax handle. No flag.) 

Charge Draymond Green. He knocked out Jordan Poole. 

Society continues to get softer and more picayune. Anything even slightly offensive escalates until it’s a travesty. 

Adams apologized. That should be enough. 

I’d be proud to be shoved to the ground by JuJu Smith-Schuster. He could film it for TikTok. 

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