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Four of the top seven teams in the college football rankings are SEC schools: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee. 

The college football playoff wouldn’t fill all four of its spots with SEC teams. 

But it might take three, and that would be stupid. 

You wouldn’t be proving anything. One of the semifinals would be an SEC do-over, and the final could easily be an SEC do-over. (That's happened three times, including last season.)

The playoffs should be all conference champions. If you didn’t win your conference, well, you had your chance. 

A playoff between all conference champs tells you what you didn’t know. 

My preferred method would be to involve all four Power Five champs and the highest-ranked Group of Five champ. The two highest-ranked teams get a bye to the semifinals. But that’s too fair and doesn’t bow at the altar of big names, big money and the very biggest conferences.

But this has nothing to do with fair.

It won’t be long before the SEC and Big Ten are the only conferences that matter. Just have their winners play for the national championship. 

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