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Most of my latest column for the Trib is about the struggles of Kenny Pickett. 

But the defense stinks, too. Here’s an excerpt: 

“The defense gets paid $108 million, most in the NFL. It is nowhere close to elite. It lost its star edge rusher and turned into excrement. 

T.J. Watt got a four-year contract extension worth $112 million before last season. He’s since been unavailable for eight games (out of 24), limited or knocked out of the game by injury in four more. The Steelers are 2-9-1 in those games. 

Teams don’t pay players for individual stats and accolades. Players get paid to impact winning. Watt isn’t worth his paycheck. He’s hurt too much. 

But in your eyes, Watt is beyond blame.” 

Any argument? 

The most important ability is availability. Watt lacks that ability. He’s failed the team, albeit not by intent or poor performance. 

But Watt is getting money for nothing. 

When is Watt coming back, anyway? He teased returning on his Instagram, posting a photo of himself in practice gear. 

But it doesn’t matter now. The season’s lost. Next Sunday’s visit to Philadelphia is going to be a slaughter. 

To read my entire Trib column, click HERE

Pittsburgh Steelers v Miami Dolphins

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