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Mike Tomlin won’t be changing offensive coordinators. 

“I’m not there,” was Tomlin’s response when asked about it (in roundabout fashion) on Tuesday. 

Two things must be remembered when firing Matt Canada is mooted: 

*Tomlin hired Canada, and in the laziest fashion possible.

Canada was cheap and already on staff. His resume screams unqualified. But no one else got considered, let alone interviewed. (It's whispered that Canada’s promotion from quarterbacks coach was a make-good because, when Canada coached at Maryland, he gave Tomlin’s son Dino a scholarship. But I don't buy that.) 

*What good would firing Canada do? You just want a sacrificial lamb. 

The Steelers couldn’t bring in somebody from the outside in mid-season, especially not with a rookie quarterback. The only change feasible is promoting QBs coach Mike Sullivan. Use the same playbook and terminology, but be more aggressive. 

But if Tomlin wanted Canada to be more aggressive, Canada would be. Tomlin’s the boss. Canada must do as told. 

Canada didn’t throw those last two interceptions at Miami. Kenny Pickett did. 

Scapegoating Canada is another example of Teflon Tomlin. Blame never sticks. 

Scapegoating the offensive coordinator is becoming a Pittsburgh tradition. It’s certainly in play at Pitt, with the head coach’s help. 

Tomlin fairly brags that he influences everything the Steelers do. 

Why wouldn’t Tomlin influence the offense? Why would Tomlin give Canada carte blanche to be this bad? 

If Tomlin told Canada to, say, use the middle of the field more, Canada would have to. Throw on first down more, whatever.

Maybe the Steelers just stink from top to bottom. From ownership to the ball boys. 

Perhaps the Steelers are clinging to outdated philosophies. Perhaps the Steelers think that elite defense and ball control can still win games. 

That’s not true anymore. The NFL is a quick-strike, high-octane league. 

At any rate, the Steelers have neither elite defense nor an offense that controls the ball. Nor quick-strike capabilities, for that matter.

Veteran reporter Ed Bouchette calls this "the worst Steelers offense ever." ESPN's Dan Orlovsky ventured that it doesn't use more than 10 plays.

But if Sullivan ran the offense, it would be largely the same. If Tomlin ran the offense, it would be largely the same. 

The Steelers are having a bad year. They’re rebuilding, whether they acknowledge it or not.

It happens to every team. You shouldn’t complain. 

If you want to be justifiably mad, be angry that the Steelers won three playoff games in the last 11 years despite having talent that merited far better.

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