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It’s obvious that Kenny Pickett isn’t ready to start. 

Pickett’s numbers don’t lie. In fact, Pickett’s stats fairly puke. Two touchdowns vs. eight interceptions = just the tip of the iceberg. 

Pickett replaced Mitch Trubisky for the second half of the Week 4 home game vs. the New York Jets on a whim.

Pickett had taken no practice snaps with the first team. He wasn’t prepared. The offense wasn’t prepared to have Pickett play. 

But the Steelers trailed. They had a record of 1-2. Coach Mike Tomlin saw the season imploding and jumped the gun on whatever the plan for Pickett was. (It likely had Trubisky starting at least through the bye week.) 

Tomlin panicked.

Pickett hasn’t saved the season. He’s not getting better. 

At 2-6 and performing at a level that defines the word suck, the Steelers’ primary goal should be developing Pickett. But he’s treading sludge. 

Tomlin has mangled the preparation, introduction and use of Pickett. Tomlin threw Pickett in at the deep end with an anvil tied to his ankle. 

Pickett may yet be good. What he’s experiencing now isn’t remotely helping.

Did fan pressure and Trubisky's argument with receiver Diontae Johnson at halftime of the Jets game play a part in Tomlin's decision?

You'd like to think not. But Tomlin is doing a rotten job this season, so it's definitely possible.

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