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You know how you make progress? By making progress. 

So, when is Kenny Pickett going to have a good game? 

Pickett hasn’t had a good game yet. 

Pickett is 1-4. His one victory, against Tampa Bay, really got won by Mitch Trubisky in relief after Pickett got concussed. 

Pickett has thrown two touchdown passes and eight interceptions in five games. 

Pickett’s highest passer rating in a game is 87. He’s failed to crack 67 three times. 

It all starts somewhere. But when does it start? 

Two disturbing thoughts. 

*Pickett played five years at Pitt. He’s 24. Maybe he’s already hit his ceiling. 

*Pickett might be in a situation where he can’t possibly succeed, like Trevor Lawrence at Jacksonville. Maybe the Steelers’ organization is that bad now.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles

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