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Here’s an excerpt from my latest Trib column: 

“T.J. Watt certainly showed his value [in Sunday's home win vs. New Orleans].  

Watt didn’t get a sack, but the trickledown of his presence was huge. Watt creates chaos and fear. He improves the defense immeasurably even if he doesn’t post big stats.  

The Steelers are 2-0 this season when Watt plays, 1-6 otherwise. That’s incredibly telling, even with a small sample.” 

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But wait, there’s more: 

Watt has played two games this season. In those games, the defense has averaged 15 points against, 4,5 sacks and three interceptions. 

In the seven games Watt didn’t play, the defense has averaged 25,3 points against, 1.1 sacks and 0.6 interceptions. 

That’s a small sample, but the numbers are undeniable. If that’s coincidence, it’s of the staggering variety. 

Watt's return most benefits fellow edge rusher Alex Highsmith. 

In the two games Watt played, Highsmith got five sacks. 

In the seven games Watt didn’t play, Highsmith got 3.5 sacks.

There’s no mistaking who’s Batman and who’s Robin.

Watt oversold his early tackle Sunday. Big celebration. Shrewd move. Good showbiz, and it got the crowd into the game.

New Orleans Saints v Pittsburgh Steelers

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