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It's Week 15, and the Steelers are having a quarterback competition in practice. 

Don’t look here. Look over there. Ignore the 5-8 record. Mason Rudolph might start! 

It’s deflection. It’s distraction. It’s the path less traveled. It’s defecating on Mitch Trubisky, who has been the backup all season. 

Mostly, it’s just stupid. 

I’d like to see Rudolph play. It would be good theater. Rudolph hasn’t taken a snap besides scout-team reps since camp ended. He was supposed to get a legit shot at the starting job, but the Steelers just kept adding quarterbacks. 

I’d like to see Trubisky tell Coach Mike Tomlin to stick it. Because Tomlin deserves that. Trubisky has had promises broken and been scapegoated. 

Tomlin has mangled the QB situation since the day Ben Roethlisberger retired. 

But whoever starts at Carolina changes nothing. 5-8 is 5-8. 

The Steelers stink and would be no better than 5-8 no matter which of the three quarterbacks had started all year. 

Who cares about Trubisky’s feelings? Who cares if Rudolph got shafted ‘til now? Who cares if Tomlin’s screwed the pooch? It's all superfluous.

5-8 dumbs things down. It’s a brave new world. 

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