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Mike Tomlin is being showered with praise after rallying the Steelers from 2-6 to finish 9-8, thus preserving his record of never having a losing season.

But Tomlin's flaws are great, and they are many. You just have to want to see them.

Here are two excerpts from my latest work at

*With their season on the line, Tomlin’s Steelers came out flat and uninspired. 

Tomlin failed to challenge a first-quarter play where running back Najee Harris got the ball across the goal line but was not awarded a touchdown. Harris fumbled possession away two plays later.

*The Steelers play an utterly outdated style that relies on possessing the ball and playing stout defense. On the season, only three passes thrown by Steelers quarterbacks netted 40-plus yards. Just five rushes by the Steelers gained 20-plus yards. It’s a quick-strike league. Chunk plays are required. 

Witness the Steelers’ 35-13 loss at Philadelphia on Oct. 30. The Steelers had the ball for 34 minutes. But the Eagles scored four touchdowns before they even ran a play in the red zone. That's today's NFL.

That's merely the tip of Tomlin's iceberg of mediocrity. To read the entire column, click HERE.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens

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