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Here’s an excerpt from my column. 

The Steelers offense was terrible, certainly. But whose fault was it, really? 

For me, the primary flaws were not throwing enough in the middle, not throwing enough deep, and not utilizing rookie receiver George Pickens more, especially when he was in single coverage. Throw it up and let Pickens make a play. 

Were those things avoided at the direction of offensive coordinator Matt Canada? Or did quarterback Kenny Pickett shy away from those options? Or did coach Mike Tomlin insist on being ultra-conservative? 

One thing is for certain: Nobody wanted Diontae Johnson to score a touchdown. 

In the rush to damn Canada, it’s ignored that the offense would change if Tomlin said so. He’s the head coach. He has his finger in every pie. He’s a megalomaniac. 

Perhaps the offense was what it was because Tomlin lives in his fears. Or maybe Pickett did. (That’s not to dismiss the inferiority of Canada’s play sequencing.) 

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Now, after five NFL playoff games, local heat on Canada has intensified. 

The Steelers averaged just 18.1 points per game. 

Every team that won Saturday or Sunday scored at least 24. Four scored 31 points or more. Four of the losing teams scored 23 points or more. 

The citizenry (and some of the dumb-ass media) credits the offensive coordinators for those teams, even though they’d be hard-pressed to name any of those coordinators. But we know for sure they’re better than Canada. 

Detroit Lions v Pittsburgh Steelers

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