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I spoke with a football insider who told me two things about Penn State cornerback Joey Porter Jr., who is projected to go to the Steelers with the 17th pick overall by draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. (I projected this quite some time ago.) 

*Might have to switch to safety in the pros. 

“Is a bit “handsy” and could commit lots of interference penalties in the NFL. There is no five-yard bump rule in college football, and Porter took full advantage. 

Does that mean the Steelers shouldn’t draft Porter? They don’t need a safety. They need a cornerback. (Porter can adjust from being “handsy.”) 

Porter’s length and physicality are excellent. If the Steelers feel he can stick at corner, take him. 

But I’d feel better about Porter being selected with the 32nd pick overall. That’s the choice acquired from Chicago for Chase Claypool. I know for sure that Porter could cover Claypool. (Porter likely won't be there at No. 32.)

Porter might be the right pick for the wrong reasons. #BuddySystem (Porter is the son of former Steelers linebacker Joey Porter.)

Minnesota v Penn State

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