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Both San Francisco quarterbacks got hurt in the NFC Championship Game. Brock Purdy went back in, but his lame elbow prevented him from throwing. It was farcical. 

The 49ers went through four quarterbacks this season. They had the worst luck. 

But the outcry to allow a third quarterback to dress, or to expand rosters, is silly. 

Any NFL team can dress three quarterbacks, or four, or six, as many as they want. As long as the total game-day roster doesn't exceed 46.

But coaches instead outsmart themselves by dressing an extra receiver, or tight end, or lineman, or a special-teams specialist. They do so at the expense of football’s most important position. 

Sure, a third quarterback isn’t often needed. But how frequently is the extra receiver needed? (That extra receiver might get snaps. But how often is he “needed”?) 

The rosters don’t need expanded. A third quarterback can already be dressed. Coaches need to wise up. 

You can play with less receivers. You can’t play with no quarterback. 

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles

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