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Here’s an excerpt from my column about the NHL’s All-star thingy: 

The stars of the skills competition were Alexander Ovechkin’s son and women’s player Sarah Nurse. Neither plays in the NHL or will sell tickets after the fact. (Ovechkin’s kid might someday. Women’s pro hockey, not so much.) 

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Now let’s check the tape. 

New York Rangers goalie Igor Shesterkin intentionally let Nurse score in the breakaway competition. It’s clear. Total work. Nurse does the Peter Forsberg breakaway move, and Shesterkin doesn’t even extend his leg to attempt a stop. Shesterkin backs up 'til he's almost inside the net.

Whether it’s prearranged or he’s freelancing, Shesterkin is mere enhancement talent. It’s equal parts carny and condescending. 

But at least he didn’t get stuck in a dunk tank.

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