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I’m glad to announce, on my late mother’s birthday, a scholarship program at North Hills High School that celebrates her illustrious career teaching and coaching forensics there. 

I’m endowing two scholarships of $2,000 each. Seniors at North Hills High School who plan to study speech, communications, journalism and/or English in college can apply. The scholarships can be applied to whatever school they attend. 

This will occur annually. I’m hoping it will grow. If you’d like to contribute, email 

It was great to stop by North Hills High School this past Monday and speak with students studying journalism and TV production. Humbling, too: High school kids mostly have no idea who I am. One student said her father listens to my show while she’s in the car. 

Works for me. I’ll take what I can get. 

For information on the Peggy Ann Madden scholarship program, click HERE

My mother has always been the biggest influence in my life. Everything I’ve become can be traced to Peggy Ann Madden. 

So, blame her. (She loved my show, BTW.) 

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