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Ex-QB Robert Griffin III, who ranks first and foremost among those who carry water for Lamar Jackson, punctuated Jackson’s request to be traded away from Baltimore by tweeting, “Lamar Jackson is done in Baltimore.” 

No, he’s not. Not ‘til the Ravens say so. The franchise tag holds Jackson prisoner. 

Baltimore Coach John Harbaugh knows that. 

Just seconds after Jackson’s trade request was announced, Harbaugh said he still expects Jackson to be the Ravens’ quarterback. 

Jackson doesn’t have a choice. His biggest complaint should be with his union, the NFL Players Association. They keep agreeing to the franchise tag. 

Jackson will play for the Ravens if that’s what the Ravens want. He’s not going to walk away from making $32.4m as per the non-exclusive tag. If he does, he’s a moron. (Don’t rule it out, though. This is more about ego and vanity than it is money.) 

No team has signed Jackson to an offer sheet. None will try to trade for him. Jackson isn't worth what he imagines. What know that, because he's not getting it.

RGIII needs to shut up. He’s the failed, Dollar Tree version of Lamar Jackson. 

 Ex-LB Bart Scott is almost as bad for yelling “MVP!” every time Jackson’s name is mentioned. That was four years ago. Jackson hasn’t gotten an MVP vote since. 

Jackson can request anything he wants. But his fate is 100 percent in the hands of his employer. 

I don’t know which of these is most exhausting: 

*The Jackson contract saga. 

*The Aaron Rodgers-to-the-Jets spectacle. 

*Tristan Jarry’s injury drama.

*The “Bryan Reynolds is going to sign a contract extension with the Pirates any day now” nonsense. 

Please, God, make it stop. 

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens

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