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HRs & SBs > MPH

The Pirates season begins today at Cincinnati. Bucco optimists project 75 wins. 

Every kid who plays baseball grows up dreaming of being on a team that wins 75 games. 

I have a preference, not a prediction. 

I’d like to see less bull***t ladled out on the Pirates’ behalf. By the media, and by fans. 

Last season, rookie shortstop Oneil Cruz hit a meager .233 and struck out in a third of his plate appearances. 

But all we heard about was bat speed, foot speed, arm speed, and exit velocity. Those things were celebrated. 

Cruz got labeled a superstar. But, by traditional valuation, he’s nowhere close. He finished a lackluster sixth in Rookie of the Year voting. (Outside of Pittsburgh, they know.) Cruz has to live up to his overwhelming talent.

Cruz said his goal this season is “30/30 or 40/40.” As in, 30 home runs and 30 0stolen bases, or even 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases. 

Fine. Do that, or some approximation. 

Then, moving forward, let’s judge Cruz by actual performance. Accept no substitutes, especially not all that mph nonsense. 

Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day

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