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The PGA and LIV Golf should have a Ryder Cup-style made-for-TV showdown. 

Maybe make it small to start: Two-on-two, perhaps as an installment of “The Match,” the series of schlocky golf events televised by Turner Sports. 

How about Jon Rahm and Rory McIlroy vs. Phil Mickelson and Brooks Koepka? I’d watch that. TV ratings would be through the roof. Sponsors would line up around the block.

Each side, especially the PGA, would risk its reputation and credibility by playing in such an event. But that risk occurs tenfold at major tournaments like The Masters. 

The NFL and AFL were enemies. They invented the Super Bowl. 

The National and American leagues were foes. They conceived the World Series.

There's a rivalry between the PGA and LIV. There's a bit of ill feeling (though that seems to be dying down). Exploit it. Have fun with it. Do what's best for business.

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