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Mark Madden

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Bryan Reynolds of the Pirates struck out on five pitches Wednesday at Denver. He didn’t swing once. Four of the pitches were balls. One was a borderline strike. 

Reynolds got ejected for arguing, but the electronic balls-and-strikes graphic proved him correct. It's never wrong. 

You shouldn’t strike out when four of five pitches are balls and you never swing. 

You shouldn’t get tossed when you’re right. 

MLB instituted the pitch clock, made bases bigger and banned the shift. Baseball has been dramatically changed. 

Change it more. Use electronic umpiring to call balls and strikes. Get all the calls correct. There’s no downside to that. Everybody benefits besides the umpires, who either get fired or neutered. 

If the umpires lose their jobs, there’s always barber college. 

Who cares about the umps? They’re an arrogant, largely incompetent bunch of power-mad pissants. 

Technology replaces humans all the time. The only concern should be making baseball better.

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