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I’ve predicted since October that the Steelers will take Peezy’s kid with the 17th pick.

Because he’s Peezy’s kid. I’m not sure the analysis need go any deeper. 

If Peezy’s kid is already gone, Plan B (as previously mooted in this space) could be Maryland cornerback Deonte Banks or Tennessee tackle Darnell Wright. 

But the idea of drafting Alabama’s Brian Branch is getting talked about. 

Branch played mostly safety at Alabama. But he’s been described as a cornerback who plays linebacker. He’d fit in perfectly at slot corner. Great tackler, navigates blockers well, solid against the run and in coverage…Branch is a good football player, 

The Steelers like good football players. 

What would be a better Steelers secondary: Patrick Peterson and Peezy’s kid at outside corner with Levi Wallace or Arthur Maulet in the slot, or Peterson and Wallace on the outside with Branch in the slot? 

Who would make a quicker and better adjustment to the pros, Peezy’s kid or Branch? 

Good questions. Interesting decision to be made at pick No. 17. 

Maybe Branch will drop to the Steelers’ second pick at 32nd overall. But probably not.

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