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The Steelers are sucking hind you-know-what in the AFC North. 

When the Steelers make moves, I automatically think, “Does this help them close the gap on Cincinnati?” Because the Steelers might be looking at another 10 years of finishing behind Joe Burrow, the Bengals’ brilliant QB. 

That begs the question: Can Joey Porter Jr. cover Ja’Marr Chase? Can the Steelers’ rookie cornerback from Penn State neutralize, to some manageable degree, Burrow’s superstar target? 

That’s exactly what I was wondering when the Steelers drafted Porter with the 32nd pick.

It’s a lofty expectation. But it’s also the job. It's why the Steelers took Porter.

I think, after gaining some NFL experience, Porter can do it. He's long, he's an athlete, and man coverage is his primary strength. Porter won't be scared, that's for sure.

But when it comes to overhauling Cincinnati, Kenny Pickett has a lot more to do with that. Read my column on that topic by clicking HERE

BTW, Cincinnati is still better than the Steelers after the draft. So is Baltimore. There’s much work to be done. 

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