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Superstar Billy Graham passed away Wednesday. He was 79, 

Graham’s pro wrestling career was brilliant, and easily boiled down: 

*Graham was the first steroid-built superstar, equal parts physique and charisma. He’d talk about using PEDs during his promos. For better or worse, he paved the way. He was 6-foot-4, 275 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal. 

*Graham was among the first heels that got cheered. That didn’t often happen in Graham’s era of wrestling. He was that cool. 

*WWE, then WWWF, used a simple business model for decades: Have a popular babyface champion and build heels for him to defeat. Graham broke that mold: As a heel, Graham was WWWF champ for nine-and-a-half months in 1977-78. He beat babyface legend Bruno Sammartino for the title. Graham was over. 

Graham was constantly imitated, never duplicated. His influence was (and is) huge. Watch video of Graham. To this day, you can see the power of the Superstar. 

I cheered Graham at the Civic Arena against Sammartino. Not a popular move. Graham helped make me what I am today. 

Superstar Billy Graham, RIP. 

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