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My latest column for talks about the contradictions the new Penguins GM will face. To read it, click HERE

Here’s another contradiction: 

The Penguins should hire ex-Toronto GM Kyle Dubas because he’s a new-age analytics guy. I don’t want some old-school ex-player blockhead who emphasizes grit. 

But the Penguins have zero grit. I look around the playoffs, and all I see is grit. Like Florida’s grit. They’re in the Stanley Cup Final. 

There’s no easy way out of the Penguins’ predicament. It’s hard to imagine they’re close to anything good. 

But hiring Dubas is the correct move. He’s been in Pittsburgh for a few days. He didn’t come here just to dine at Primanti’s. (If he did, he should try Primanti’s version of a Reuben sandwich. Very under the radar.)

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