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I wrote a column for about the Saudis buying golf. Click HERE to read it. 

Here’s a P.S.: 

Some want PGA golfers who didn’t jump to LIV Golf for a monstrous signing bonus to be rewarded now for their loyalty. To get extra payment. Rory McIlroy, Hideki Matsuyama, Will Zalatoris, etc. 

Forget that. That would be rewarding them for their stupidity. 

McIlroy and the PGA golfers who listened to PGA Commissioner Jay Monahan’s “loyalty, legacy, 9/11” spiel and didn’t take LIV’s millions got exactly what they deserved. Which is to say $200 million less than Phil Mickelson, who should be remembered as the genius who reshaped golf but probably won’t be. 

We all have to live with our decisions. McIlroy and those who didn’t make the jump to LIV must live with theirs. If they feel noble because of it, that should be enough. 

This “merger” was always going to happen. It was inevitable. Money always wins. 

I put “merger” in quote marks because it wasn’t really a merger. The Saudis bought golf. That’s what happened.

Jon Rahm is the guy who should be mad. He was reportedly on the verge of nailing down a huge deal with LIV. Rumor of that made the PGA capitulate...before Rahm got paid. 

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