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Kenny Pickett’s wedding was officiated by the Steelers’ chaplain, featured a gigantic ice sculpture of the Steelers logo, was attended by a bunch of Steelers players and featured the bride and groom entering the reception through a host of pyro and dry-ice fog. 

It was a dream Yinzer wedding. Except 99.9 percent of Yinzers couldn’t afford it. 

Pickett isn’t just the Steelers’ quarterback. He’s King Yinzer. 

Did the happy couple get matching Steelers tattoos? 

The amount of shrimp and oysters on offer in proximity to the ice sculpture was impressive. 

Was there a cookie table? Had to be. 

The pyro/fog entrance was reminiscent of Goldberg’s entrance in WCW. Spear, jackhammer, reception over. 

But Pickett doesn’t figure to win many squashes this coming season. Goldberg wasn’t a game manager. 

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