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"Friends" is rightly rated among television's all-time best sitcoms. You feel invested, like you're part of the group.

But "Friends" re-runs are on TV way too much. 

TBS airs 12 episodes of "Friends" daily. 

Nick at Nite airs 10 episodes of "Friends" nightly. 

That's 22 episodes of "Friends" -- 11 hours -- on TV every single day. The times never overlap. You can watch all 22 episodes. 

There was a total of 236 episodes. 

So, in theory, you can watch the entire run of "Friends" in 11 days. Sadly, I bet I have. (Late night on "Nick at Nite" = addictive for us insomniacs.) 

It's saturation. "Friends" is good. But not that good. 

My favorite episode of "Friends" involves a guest spot from Brad Pitt and the high-school rumor than Rachel had both male and female sex organs. “The hermaphrodite cheerleader from Long Island.” (See below.)

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