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Fox’s Colin Cowherd dislikes when quarterbacks wear their baseball caps backwards. 

“Quarterback is different. You gotta be an adult because you’re the face of the franchise,” Cowherd said. “Turn your hat around at the podium. Be a grown-up. You’re not a fanboy. It’s OK for you fanboys to wear your hats backwards. You’ll never be leaders. Nobody will ever put you in charge of a $2 billion franchise.” 

There are exceptions. Tom Brady, most notably. He did OK. Aaron Rodgers, too, but Rodgers is exactly what wearing a baseball cap backwards indicates. 

Mostly, though, I agree with Cowherd. Be a leader, not 12 years old. 

Kenny Pickett wears his cap backwards. 

That needs to be fixed. You’re the STEELERS QUARTERBACK. Not a guest bro on “Impractical Jokers.” 

Pickett should wear his cap peak-front. 

Pickett should also stop going by “Kenny.” That’s a little kid’s name. 

He should be called Kenneth. Kenneth Pickett. 

Pickett’s dad is named Ken, but Kenny’s not a Junior. So, Kenny should go by Kenneth Pickett Sr. He doesn’t have a son yet, but it sounds distinguished. 

He also went to Pitt long enough to get a doctorate. So…Dr. Kenneth Pickett Sr. 

Maturity = success.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Miami Dolphins

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