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Season 2 of the pro wrestling-themed series “Heels” premieres on Starz July 28. Trailers and teases can be seen below. 

“Heels” captures the behind-the-scenes spirit of pro wrestling: It’s a close-knit brotherhood contradictorily laced with an inordinate amount of backstabbing and power-tripping. It’s frustrating and mostly sucks, but you fall in love with it. 

Stephen Amell, a big-time wrestling fan, is one of the lead characters. Amell’s predilection for wrestling keeps “Heels” real, but it’s certainly no valentine to the profession. It’s warts and all. 

Amell is great, as is ex-Steeler James Harrison as a secondary character. You can’t go wrong with Chris Bauer, a scene-stealer as carny old-timer Will Bill Hancock. If Bauer is part of something, it’s good. 

“Heels” is about small-time independent wrestling, not WWE-echelon. That adds a different dynamic. Performers at that level do it for love and to serve their delusions. Not for money. 

I mostly don’t watch wrestling anymore. 

I watch “Heels.” “Heels” is better. 

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